Meredith Marty-Dugas is beginning her second year as Editor-in-Chief for Soliloquies Anthology. She has previously worked as a poetry editor at Soliloquies and a creative writing editor at Spectra. A student of English and Creative Writing at Concordia, her work has most recently appeared in Subversions: A Journal of Feminist Queries and L.U.C.C..


Managing Editor

Jennifer Mancini graduated with a Bachelors of Art, double-majoring in Creative Writing and Religious Studies (Concordia University) in 2015, and is currently enrolled in Family Life Education in Applied Human Sciences. Her work has been published in Subversions: A Journal of Feminist Queries (Incantations), Headlight Anthology (Vol.19), and Soliloquies 21.2. She was co-Editor in Chief and Creative Writing editor for the Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality (Vol. 2&3), administrator of online poetry workshops, Homegrown Poetry Forums, and was a freelance writer for some notable characters and publications in the Montreal fashion scene


Artistic Director

Bronwyn Carere


Online Content Editors

Jessica Kinnari



Tyson is an English Literature student at Concordia. As well as being the Online Content Editor at Soliloquies Anthology, he is the Assistant Editor of the Opinions section at The Concordian. He’s been known to replace the lowercase ‘L’s in his writing with capital ‘i’s, so you’d best be on your guard. Tyson reads much of the night, and tries to stay positive during Montreal’s winters.



Megan Hunt


Poetry Editors

Adrian Ngai is a writer and currently studies Creative Writing and English Literature at Concordia University. His poetry has appeared in PRISM International.



Annah-Lauren Bloom is from Long Island, New York. She is in her fourth year at Concordia where she is taking a double major in English and Sociology. Her work has been featured in Tender Journal, Soliloquies Anthology, and Headlight Anthology.


Kieran Airey-Lee


Prose Editors

Alexander Luiz Cruz is an Undergraduate student doing Honors English Literature and Creative Writing and minoring in Political Science. A passion bibliophile, he began his career in English in the Literature program at Dawson College, and to this today participates actively in the Lit community in Montreal through his engagement with organizations such as the Dawson Theatre Collective as an actor, writer and executive member, and Autodidacts Concordia Theatre, as a founding member. When not slaving away at his minimum wage job, you can find him slaving away trying to book rooms for his theatre company, drinking copious amounts of coffee or thinking up more ideas for plays to write.



Salena Wiener studies English Literature Honours with a Philosophy Minor at Concordia University. She is a first year student, but has always had a passion for literature and writing. She’s been an aspiring English teacher since she was very young, and fiction, especially science-fiction, was her favorite genre to read. She also thoroughly enjoys poetry, especially that of Lang Leav, Edgar Allan Poe, and Emily Dickinson. Finally, she’s always loved to read and write stories, and looks forward to helping review and curate those written by aspiring writers in her post as Prose Editor at Soliloquies Anthology 2017-2018.


Thomas Molander is from Vancouver Island and is studying Honours English and Creative Writing at Concordia. He’s a fiction editor and co-founder of BAD NUDES and Hybrid Heaven, and a research intern at Maisonneuve. His short stories have appeared in Cosmonauts AvenueQueen Mob’s TeahousePeach Mag, and elsewhere. You can find his social media profiles by typing his name with no spaces. 



Gabrielle Crowley