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3 Undergraduate Literary Journals to Follow

Looking for amazing literary pieces? Here are 3 undergraduate literary journals for you to follow.


Managed and operated by the brilliant students of Emerson College in Boston Massachusetts. Ploughshares is more than just a literary journal. It welcomes different types of writings including novels, research papers, and white papers. Ploughshares is filled with amazing ideas for different field of studies and expertise.

Post image 3 Undergraduate Literary Journals to Follow Ploughshares - 3 Undergraduate Literary Journals to Follow

If you want to read the early works of future great authors, you should check one or two of Ploughshares’ entries. They even have a blog page and we are confident that you will be able to relate to some of the entries.

Yale Literary Magazine

The Yale Literary Magazine has been around since 1836 and has produced hundreds of literary pieces including poems, short stories, and even art pieces. Yale Literary Magazine is made up of the brilliant ideas of students from Yale University, a prestigious Ivy school in the United States.

Some of our favourite poems from the magazine include “Jerusalem” by Daniel Dov Yadin, “Tell the Moon” by Shon Arieh-Lerer, “Water Lily” by Jake Orbinson, and “Icarus” by Christine Kwon.

The poems in this magazine speak to deeper levels of human psychology and creativity. Many poems published decades ago remain relevant to our times today.

Post image 3 Undergraduate Literary Journals to Follow Westminster Review - 3 Undergraduate Literary Journals to Follow

The Westminster Review

The Westminster Review is not officially housed in a particular university as it is one of the oldest British publications still active today. It was founded back in 1823 by English Philosopher Jeremy Bentham and historian James Mill.

Initially, it was a journal for Philosophical Radicals, mostly young students and experts back then. Unfortunately, this journal is no longer active as its final issue was way back in 1914.

However, millions of people, mostly students from the UK reference the many published works in the past. Many emerging writers nowadays are familiar with at least one of these journals.

So, if you are an aspiring writer, we recommend you check these journals and other magazines we recommended in our previous blogs.

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