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Top Slots Based on Popular Books

If you are looking for new online slot machines to play, we highly recommend pokies based on some of the best-selling books that sold millions of copies all over the globe.

“Lord of the Rings”

One of the greatest novel-series turned Hollywood blockbusters of all time. “Lord of the Rings is an epic journey through Middle Earth wherein different races are in constant war with each other.

This slot machine features Frodo Baggins, Gandalf the Grey, Aragon, Smeagol, and more familiar characters. The slot has the usual features including free spins, power spin, multipliers, jackpot, and bonus rounds.

Join the fellowship of the ring for yet another adventure, only this time, you can do it online.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Truly a classic for all ages. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory slot is a tribute to the original musical and fantasy film released back in 1971.

Just like the movie, the graphics in this game are whimsical, colourful, and filled with sweets.

There are nine bonus features that can be activated when three glass elevator symbols appear on the screen. You then take the elevator up and you are greeted by a random bonus feature. Neat right? Just like with the movie.

The Wizard of Oz – Ruby Slippers

A classic novel that stood the test of time. The Wizard of Oz has been adopted in so many platforms and formats. The game features the rest of the gang with Dorothy. Throughout the game, you are to run into familiar characters that would surely give you a nostalgic feeling.

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Emerging Writers from Montreal

The writers you are about to meet in this blog post are the ones you need to look out for. They have already made a lot of noise in Montreal and are now looking to take their talent across Canada.

These writers have been featured in different university journals and newspapers not only in Montreal but across Quebec.

Post image Emerging Writers from Montreal Bindu Suresh - Emerging Writers from Montreal

Bindu Suresh

Bindu Suresh, a novelist from Montreal is a fiction writer and a pediatrician. Now that is a not so common combination for writers. Suresh fell in love with literature and medicine. She studied literature at Columbia University and medicine at McGill University.

Her first work is a big success, “26 Knots.” It is a story about people who fell in love with each other but are struggling with where they should focus their love on.

One of the characters, Gabriel is also dealing with some abandonment issues caused by his father. This makes it difficult for him to be a good and loving partner.

The book at first look might not be as ground-breaking but the way Suresh tied everything together is very immersive and profound.

Right now, there is no information if Suresh is working on another book as she is busy working at a designated coronavirus evaluation centre in Montreal.

Ben Philippe

Philippe was raised in Montreal and is now a writer based in New York. For him to make a name for himself not only in his hometown but in one of the biggest cities in the world is truly something.

His debut novel “The Field Guide to the North American Teenager” has been sold many times. It is about a wisecracking black French-Canadian teenager that goes by the name Norris who moves to Austin, Texas.

One of the most common questions people who are about to read the novel is if it is about Philippe’s life? Well, we can’t spill the beans so looks like you’re going to have to read the book and find out yourself.

Both of these writers are inspired by many of the famous Montreal writers that came before them. We are truly excited to read their future publications and so much more.

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Famous Writers from Montreal Canada

There are probably thousands of writers from Canada that made their mark throughout the globe. But there are only a few from Montreal. Not many people know it but there are a lot of aspiring and truly impressive writers, mostly literary artists, from Montreal.

So, if you want to be inspired, here is a list of famous writers from the largest city in the Quebec province.

Post image Famous Writers from Montreal Canada Michel Tremblay - Famous Writers from Montreal Canada

Michel Tremblay

Born in 1942, Tremblay is known for the plays he wrote that gave him several awards throughout his career as a writer for different disciplines. Tremblay is mostly known for the plays he wrote including “Le Train” that resulted in him winning the prestigious Radio-Canada Young Authors’ competition back in 1964.

His second play, “Les Belles-Soeurs,” published back in 1968 made him one of the most influential literary artists in the second half of the 20th century in the province of Quebec. The stories he wrote prove to be timeless as he tackled the many struggles of people in different spectrums like gender equality, poverty, and more.

Post image Famous Writers from Montreal Canada Emile Nelligan - Famous Writers from Montreal Canada

Emile Nelligan

If you are talking about the greatest poets from Quebec, then the name Emile Nelligan is sure to come up. He inspired millions of aspiring literary writers, mostly poets to pursue their passion. Some of his greatest works include “Automne,” “Paysage Fauve,” “Le vaisseau d’Or,” and “La romance du Vin.”

Nelligan is mostly referred to as the greatest revolutionary contemporary of his time not only in Quebec but in all of Canada. Reading through his literary pieces, you can see just how deep he dwells in the different realms of conflict and struggle whether connected to war, inequality, or violence.

When we say there is nobody like Emile Nelligan, we truly mean it and we are confident that thousands or millions of people familiar with his work agree.

Post image Famous Writers from Montreal Canada Heather - Famous Writers from Montreal Canada

Heather O’Neill

An emerging writer surely to be known as one of the greatest, O’Neill is surely on the top of her game. O’Neill is already famous in many countries and is still making great progress to make a bigger and more impactful mark to reality today.

Her debut novel “Lullabies for Little Criminals” is one of her greatest if not the greatest work ever.

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Top Literary Magazines here in Canada

There are nearly 100 literary magazines and journals here in Canada. More than half of them are operated by private individuals or professionals, while probably 25% are student-run.

We are sharing this list with all of you aspiring literary writers out there or maybe people out there with writing skills to share your ideas with the world.

All literary magazines in this list accept submission for publication. So, if you have any written pieces out there you want to share with the world, these are the magazines to connect with because they are on the top of their game.

Post image Top Literary Magazines here in Canada The Antigonish Review - Top Literary Magazines here in Canada

The Antigonish Review

Based in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, this magazine or review is open all year round for literary submissions. They publish every quarter with a big compilation of literary pieces accumulated during a couple of months.

This magazine shows you the limitless capacity of the human mind, the creative human mind to be specific. In this publication, you can read poems, fiction, non-fiction, and commentary guidelines.

The Antigonish Review is all about showcasing local and international talent. You are sure to read several literary pieces in here written by unknown individuals from Canada and all over the globe.

Post image Top Literary Magazines here in Canada Arc Poetry Magazine - Top Literary Magazines here in Canada

Arc Poetry Magazine

Arc Poetry Magazine is a multi-awarded publication based in Ottawa, Canada. If you want poetry at its finest and beyond, this is the magazine for you. It is even being regarded as a journal given that many literary pieces in here tackle certain social issues at an academic scope or level.

APM has a quarterly issue with respective themes. For example, their latest one released back on March 31. But there are also daily releases written by several writers. Try reading one of the entries and you are sure to want more.

Arc Poetry Magazine is one of the most welcoming and truly relatable reading platforms here in Canada. People of all ages, many who are students have submitted their literary pieces.

Post image Top Literary Magazines here in Canada Existere - Top Literary Magazines here in Canada


The Spring and Summer issues of this literary journal are one of the most awaited publications in Canada. Existere is all about Journal and Literature. Existere tackles a more personal literary style with people getting connected to other people through their writings.

It is not just written content by the way. There are also several drawings and art pieces featured in this magazine. Now, these art pieces are truly subjective with only, probably 5% objectivity. Each piece of art tells you a story or asks a question. You should check out an example.

Existere is also on top of things when it comes to addressing the biggest issues the world faces right now like the Covid-19 pandemic and racism in different parts of the world, especially in America.

For aspiring literary writers and artists out there, we highly recommend you subscribe to the online publications of these three magazines today.

Dive deep into the world of literature here in Canada that has already reached global status.