About Us

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Soliloquies Anthology is a student-run literary journal out of Concordia University in Montreal. It publishes several literary pieces including poems, short stories, non-fiction novels, fiction novels, and so much more.

As a student-run organization, the journal is fully managed and operated by amazing students from different fields of study at the university. The journal accepts several literary piece submissions from all students in the institution, not just the writers.

The journal was founded back in 1997 as part of Concordia’s Art Matters Festival. Ever since its foundation, SA has published some amazing literary and insightful pieces with more than 400,000 readers staying tuned.

The Blog

To reach a wider audience, the organization started an online blog to integrate all of its publications. From 400,000 weekly readers back in 2017, SA now has more than 2 million readers across the country.

The blog is managed and led by Bradley H. Poor, who believe it or not, was a DTP operator. He has been a big fan of the reading platform and he has read almost every piece of publications there is.

The blog also expanded SA’s writing community with more than 300 writers contributing to our literary mission. If you want to be part of the team or got any questions, contact us today.