Flash Fiction Winner 02-16-2014: Soili Smith

A Girl Walks Into a Bar

I can’t believe I’ve done what I’ve done but by the look on his face I’m sure I did and I don’t even know him but I know that’s the face he makes when he’s really scared like when he was eight or nine and his brother made him stay up late and watch the movie It based on the book by Stephen King where the demon clown named It murders children and he had been so frightened watching the movie that he hid his face under his Transformers blanket and counted to one hundred because there wasn’t cell phones back then or Flappy Bird Continue reading

madeline lee

On Writing: A Conversation with Madeleine Lee

Madeleine Lee submitted to Soliloquies back in Issue 14, and 15. She has since graduated from Concordia’s  Creative Writing Program and is currently living in Montreal. We met up with Madeleine at Pang Pang’s Karaoke Bar, to talk about what she’s been up to since graduating from the program, her Tumblr  (maddieloveskpop.tumblr.com), KPop, the internet, and Jean Cocteau. Afterwards, we took turns belting out singles from Pang Pang’s admittedly emaciated selection of classic pop hits, (Pang Pang: how do you not have “In The Ghetto”!?)